Vent Sharks LLC - We are Mean for the Clean!
Frequently asked questions :

1) Why clean the Dryer Vent?
   Your Dryer needs to "breathe" in order to work properly. If the air cannot get to the outside your clothes will not dry, and the heating element will eventually burn out. Not to mention built up dryer lint is EXTREMELY flammable. Over 15000 home fires a year are attributed to Dryers. Even with the filter/screen on the machine (you know the one you clean EVERY load...) Lint still passes through and begins to build up inside the rest of the Vent/Duct on it's way to the outside. 

2) What method do you use to clean a Vent?
  For Dryer Vents and Air Ducts, we use a spinning brush, combined with powerful vacuum, or in the case of Air Ducts, negative Air. This provides for maximum lint and dirt removal.

3) Why not use compressed Air, like the "other" guys?
   For air ducts Air Brushes work fine, and we may utilize them for those hard to reach places, however for dryer vents, we just dont think they can get enough of the lint.
Dryer lint starts out WET, as it collects on the sides,bottom and top of the vent, it dries out, and sticks. Air will move some of the "fluff" but not the rest, with this method of "cleaning" lint will begin to collect and build up much faster. Also, many Vents have turns, (90degree angles) that simply cannot be cleared with air alone, these turns require a brush to push/pull the lint away.

4) How long will it take?
   Typically for Dryer Vents, we are in your home for45 mins to an hour, this gives us plenty of time to inspect your Vent, Scrub it from end to end, perform any Minor repairs that may be needed (no charge ), verify good airflow, and clean up around the dryer area. We also clean the outside vent deflector, and ensure that the flapper is working properly...This keeps the critters out! If your Vent goes to the roof, so will we. No extra Charge.
Air Ducts require on average 4 hours, this is due to the extent we go to get that deep clean you want.

   Unlike many of our competitors, WE DO REPAIRS, and REBUILDS if needed. Minor repairs are no extra charge... All other repairs/rebuilds will be estimated on site, and typically rescheduled for another day. We will replace, tape and float any drywall we cut to perform the repair, however we do not texture or paint.

7) How can I tell if I have a clogged vent?
    Excellent question, And one we hear all the time... The most common clue that a vent is clogged is Extended drying time. A typical load should dry in about 50-60 mines..If you find  that you have to run a cycle for a second or third time, it could be due to a clogged vent...Other signs that your dryer is not venting properly, include; hot top and sides, excessive lint build up in  the lint screen, lint build up behind the machine, and around the laundry area..
8) Ok, all that sounds good, but what are  the real benefits?!?!
   When your Dryer can breathe it functions more efficiently, this translates into less drying time, which translates into LOWER utility bills, less stress on your machine, less stress on your clothes (yes really.) And a hugely reduced risk of fire.
Clean air ducts provide for better breathing as less allergens and pollen are being circulated throughout your house. We also use a misted polymer that "glues" any micro dust left behind after a clean, helping to ensure a totally dust free air flow.

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